HI EVERYONE~(^・ω・^ )


Hello everyone! My name is Susan, I’m 15 years old and I’m a freshman in high school! 

I currently live in New York (in the good ol’ USA) 

My interests include: Anime and manga, SUPERNATURAL, Doctor Who, Psych, Glee, Sherlock, Teen Wolf (I’m basically typical superwholock trash xD)

Musically, I love the Beatles, Bastille, TaySwift, Beyonce, KPop and a bunch more. I also love to read (Harry Potter and LotR rule my life).

My hobbies are fencing, badminton, softball, volleyball, reading and writing fanfiction, and crying over pictures of puppies 

I would love to meet someone around my age and is interested in some similar things as me, and I hope to become best friends! 

My ideal pen pal would be someone of any gender, race, sexuality, etc who is kind and willing to keep in touch often, (maybe start with IM/tumblr and move onto videochatting and maybe even meet up in real life!) I’m also down to be snailmail partners, but I’m hoping for a more immediate and close friendship. 

As for language, I am fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese, and can speak and understand some Spanish. 

You can reach me at: 

Tumblr: getpadalucky 

Email: suwuhoo@gmail.com 

Hope to hear from you soon~(^v^)

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