(Yes I’m definitely eating food in that pic)

Hi Internet!!

My name’s Maret; a human being who’s soon 17 years old, living in Norway.

-Languages! My mother tongue is Northern Sami, but I talk Norwegian, English, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Japanese and Arabic as well ^^ somehow I understand Italian and German… Yeah yeah can’t help it.
-Gaming. I love playing games and can play Diablo, cod ghosts, dead space 3, resident evil and many other games for hours.
-I’m quite open minded to new stuff/people/cultures/you name it. So yeah.

My perfect pen pal could seriously be anyone, as I don’t really mind gender nor age, whichever country is cool, any language is okay.
But it would’ve been AWESOME if you interest gaming or languages (especially Japanese/Spanish/Arabic) :3
Also… Snail mail is cool. Email is totally fine, but snail mail is the coolest, besides steam.

Hit me up at msturi@outlook.com and we’ll talk 🙂

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