Name: Betsy
Age: 21 in May
Location: Texas,USA

Likes: DIY projects, sewing, video games, flute, piano, guitar, scrapbooking. 
Dislikes: Reptiles, people who judge others, talking bad about others.

What i look in a pen pal someone who will reply, doesn’t have to be right away but if you are going to stop please msg me. 

  • I’m mainly looking for someone to be friends on Skype. ^.^ 
  • Preferably a girl 😀 You can be a guy as long as you aren’t bugging me to Skype you 24/7. 
  • Age: 18+ 

My contact: 
Skype: pxndx_lover5    (If you are going to add me tell me you are from Tumblr so i know ^.^ )

♥♥♥Hope to hear from someone :D♥♥♥

♥♥Random fact: I love my online friends ♥♥

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