Hello, everyone! My name is Catherine, and I’m 19 years old, residing in Virginia, USA. I’m terrible at describing myself but let’s give it a go, shall we?

I am in my second year of university, studying Applied Information Technology (with a concentration in Healthcare).

I really, really like music (Fall Out Boy, the Beatles, Paramore, Glenn Gould, Kina Grannis, to give you an idea of my music taste) and play the piano, violin, guitar, and ukulele (mostly piano though). I also like reading (Harry Potter fan here!!) and writing. I enjoy writing poetry in my spare time. In addition to those interests, I love taking walks, coffee, tea, math, computers, and psychology. Some of my favorite TV shows are: Parks and Recreation, House, Law and Order: SVU, Sherlock, Orange Is The New Black, and Chopped.
I dislike the following things: spiders, bugs in general, waking up early, dishonesty, close-mindedness, judgmental people.

In a pen pal:

  • location doesn’t matter 
  • between the ages of 17 and 23

My native language is Vietnamese, but I communicate much better in English, so I’m looking for someone who can speak/write English pretty well. I also took 4 years of French when I was younger, but don’t remember much.

First, I’d like to start out as email buddies (or Tumblr message buddies if you prefer that) but Skype/packages/snail mail could happen in the future as we get more comfortable! I will talk to you about anything, from music to movies to TV to books to society to life. (I probably won’t talk much about sports, though, so if you’re into sports, then I won’t have much to say.) But seriously, tell me about your day, your dreams, your fears, etc. 🙂

If I sound like a potential pen pal to you, then you can contact me at my tumblr:

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