Looking for people interested in snail mail :)


My name is Adrian, and yeah I’m a girl. I’m 18 and live in Canada, and I’m really interested in exchanging letters and even small packages with people from anywhere, really. Sadly I only speak English, as well as tiny bits of French and Korean, but not enough to write to anyone in them. I don’t care that much about age or gender, as long as we get along. I’m not at all looking for a relationship, but long-term friendship is great 🙂 I tend to send little things along with letters, like a cute pencil, stickers, pictures, even flavored tea bags, depending on the persons interests 🙂 I would also kind of perfer that the other person send the first letter, if that’s okay. If not then thats okay too!! 

tumblr: http://princessadrigirl.tumblr.com/

email: princessadrigirl@gmail.com

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