Name: Legally? Emily. Nickname’s Lily. 🙂
Age: 21
Location: Massachusetts, USA
Interests: Hello Kitty. Anime. Mental health and illness. LGBTQA+ rights. Human rights in general, to be blunt. Feminism. History. Global politics. Current events. Flowers/plants.

Ideally, I’m looking for someone ages 18+ to be a snailmail pal with (but i’d love tumblr pals and email buddies too). I currently reside in a state psychiatric hospital, so I’d like someone who has experience with mental illness, but anyone who’s understanding of mental health issues would be great! I’d like to share little stories about our days, stuff about our interests, and lives. Really, I’m very open to whatever the ‘pal’ has in mind, or is willing to share or hear about. 

Basically, I do have a friend here in the hospital and I don’t want to sound cheesy, but life gets lonely and I’d like to correspond with all different sorts of people, it’d really make my life more vibrant and I’d appreciate every single person I talk to. 🙂

Here’s my tumblr, by the way.

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