Name: Jessica
Age: 19 turning 20
Location: Australia
Languages: English

Preferred internet friend/penpal:
Age: 16 – 21
Gender: Either
Location: Anywhere and everywhere.
– I love learning about different cultures and hearing stories from around the world so it doesn’t matter how far or wide you live. I’m interested.

•  likes – pasta, chocolate, running, the sound of rain at night, swimming in the ocean, water, kindness, exploring, sunshine during the day, spring weather, helping others, the cold spot under my pillow, photography, music, playing guitar/piano, animals, teaching.

• What you wanna be/do/accomplish in life – I want a rewarding career that brings me happiness. I chose teaching because I connect well with my inner child, I love to be silly and have fun but I’m also extremely concerned with helping and guiding others.

• Places you’ve traveled to – New Caledonia (Port Villa, Mare), Vanuatu.

I’m currently studying to be an elementary school teacher and I love it. I love being around people, I talk a lot and I am a self-confessed social butterfly. Music is close to my heart, I listen to all genres but I have a soft spot for music with beautiful guitar or piano melodies. I play the guitar, ukulele and piano. I’ve always found photography a stress relief for me, even though I don’t have as much time to indulge in it anymore. I love nature, animals, the outdoors, camping, water and the beach. I’ve been overseas once and it was the most amazing experience in my life. One day, I hope to travel again. My family, friends and the people I surround myself with are very important to me. I love movies, I read and my current favourite tv shows are The Walking Dead and The 100. In my spare time I play netball and coach an intermediate netball team. Helping others is my ultimate career and life goal.

Preferred method of contact: Tumblr and emails to begin with, eventually I would love to write hand written letters.

Please write to me in my ask box
I want to meet you and learn about your world! Don’t be shy 🙂

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