Pen pals wanted


My name is Max, and I am 15. I like martial arts and hope other people do too. I also like to read, and cook. I also play piano, trombone, and sing. I also love the legend of zelda series, as well as manga and anime. Another thing I like is sci-fi, like doctor who and torchwood. Soul Eater and d gray man are two recent animes iv’e been watching. My favorite anime is Fullmetal alchemist. I also like the BBC series Sherlock. I enjoy acting and have been in multiple productions. My favorite play write is Shakespeare and my favorite play is Hamlet.I am also fascinated with ancient cultures,philosophies,and beliefs,especially those  of Asia,such as ancient China and Japan. I am also an Aristotelian, meaning I mostly agree with and read the teachings of Aristotle. I also enjoy MTG, and Pathfinder, as well as many older video games, like MM 2 on the NES, and zelda ocarina of time on the N64.I love math science, and school in general. I would very much like to meet people from japan, china, and people from similar locations. I would very much like to have a friend from one of those areas and would be very appreciative. I also would like to meet people of the opposite gender, but either way is OK.

My email  is

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