pen pal from Brazil!


Haleloo, people of Earth! It’s been a while since my last ad! I’ve been pen palling for 3 years or so, and I simply love it! Many pen pals stopped writing, so I am here to gather more friends, preferably who won’t stop writing ): But enough with this! 

I am Rafaella, I am 27 years old and I am from sunny Brazil! I graduated in Language & Literature both in English and Portuguese. I study French by myself and I understand the basic of the basic. (French speakers who wish to help others, I’m your choice!) I love the cultural exchanges pen palling can offer. 

I am definitely nerdy. I love History, Archeology, Literature, comic books, movies (the Mummy is the movie of my life), TV series. Mostly, I love everything that’s deeply related to History. So, it’s not a surprise for you to know that I like shows like Black Sails, Game of Thrones, Vikings, The Tudors, etc. I am a major Harry Potter & Lord of the Rings lover Oh, and of course: CATS. Another passion of mine is playing videogames. (I’ve been playing Destiny, it’s so fun *v*)

When I am able to, I go out to a bar or a café with friends, or even a bookstore just to chill. Nothing noisy, crowded and messy. Not my cup of tea.

I consider myself a fun and easygoing person. I simply love to learn and share experiences with people I like. I would like to meet pen pals from places like Europe and South America, I already have many pals from the U.S. (sorry D:)

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