Name : Ryan

Age : 16

Where I live : USA

Interests : Art, music, fashion, dancing, singing(not very good), plants, pets, I am really fascinated with Korean and Japanese culture, and I really want to learn to speak Japanese. Idk, don’t judge me

My perfect penpal : Idk, someone nice, and prob from eastern Asia or the pacific island area

Tumblr/email : I’m dragonkingofspoons on tumblr, and my email is ryan_kay_parker@hotmail.com

Any other important info : I’m a trans-male with past problems, so, please don’t be mean. My fav color is yellow, I sadly can’t eat chocolate(but sometimes still do….) and I love gummy worms. I have have lots of pets, a cat, a dog and a guinea pig, I also have two older brothers, a twin sister, and a little sister(siblings count as pets right?) So yeah, be my friend, i’m lonely. 

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