hello there 🙂 

to me, penpals are a way to connect to someone across the world (or not so across) and to create a wonderful friendship. i find that you become so trustful of this stranger more quickly than you would if you met them in real life. you begin talking about your home and where you live, and three letters in you begin to give them your inner thoughts throughout the day. i love sending little parts of my day to them in a physical form so their visual of my life is enhanced. 

i’m kaila. i’m fifteen years old and i want to be your penpal. i love the outdoors and the mystery it hold in the light of day as-well as the dark of night. i find self expression through music, images ,and words, and find that they are the best story tellers. i want to share my story in these ways with you and hope that you will reciprocate that. 

in addition to the previous request, i wish that my penal were fairly close to my location (southern california), but i’m up for my words to be a world traveler too. 

you can contact me at kailahardisty@gmail.com


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