Angie| 22 | Texas, USA

Penpals desired: between the ages 19-26, anywhere around the world, preferably speaking English (I speak spanish but writing, not so easy.) 

Hobbies: writing, drawing, making all sorts of stuff, going to shows, playing video games, baking, staring at people creating scenarios for them, bonding in the rain, drinking tea, creating alternate scenarios for myself, Platonism
Movies/tv shows: Bob’s Burgers, Archer, Broad City, Adventure Time (I don’t watch much tv), Community, Parks & Rec, Monsters Inc, most Pixar movies (not Frozen), The Hobbit series, Captain America, anything Jim Carrey or Bill Murray. Many more.

What I want in a penpal: someone who I can snail mail, possibly skype, send drawings and small gifts, etc. Someone I can talk to about life, memories, love, experiences, and thoughts. I’m not in University right now but if you’re into psychology, then I’ll probably love you.

Contact: | angieortizblah @

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