Victor, 19, Brazil


Hello everyone! I’m Victor, and I like warm hugs! I am 20 years old and I live in São Paulo, Brazil! I study Languages at the University of São Paulo, and I really want to have a pen pal friend (I love snail mail and e-mail buddies too)!

I think it’s awesome for me to know someone in another country! Sending letters is something I never did, but I now think that this is such a unique experience…

I intend to do my Master’s degree in Portugal, so I would prefer to know someone from there, but I am totally opened to know people from all around the globe.

My tastes are simple: I love reading, listening to music (I love Beyoncé, but I admire the force in those who dislike her), writing and talking about arts in general. I try to be funny, but this judgment is up to you!

I really don’t like people with their minds closed. I love to learn about cultures, religion or sexuality with my soul brand opened.

Random fact: I’m studying five languages by now 😛

If you think it’s nice to know me more, send me a message here:

Have a nice day,

Victor 🙂

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