Name: Emma 

Age: 16

Country: USA 

Gender: Female

Languages: Spanish and German. Learning Russian and Dutch

Interests: Learning new languages, making friends, and fashion

Hobbies: snowboarding, longboarding, writing, reading, listening to music

My own little message: Hi everyone 🙂 I would love to be friends and learn about your home/you. However, I do not tolerate being asked for naked pictures and or other sexual interests. If you ask, I will not reply. I love talking to people, so here is some contact information. 


If you would like my snapchat, Kik, or WhatsApp you will need to ask me first 🙂 only because I don’t want dick picks. 

Penpals: I don’t mind talking to anyone, however again I ask that you don’t ask me for favors, nudes, etc. 

I prefer European countries, but any country really works 🙂 

Gender: all genders

Age: 15-17. Please be no older than 18 if you chose to talk to me. Respect this request please 🙂 

I love snail mail and email. But anyway for contact is also good. 

Other things: I look forward to making new friends, 🙂 so feel free to email me. I guess my own request is no requests for nudes and such. Thanks for reading have a wonderful day! 

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