Name: Erica Lenardt
Age: 17
Gender: female
Country: USA, Illinois
About me:

I like reading, writing, and biking. I like old books and new books. I also really like coffee, coffee mugs, home decor and cacti. I’m super into the whole green/hipster theme and things like that. I like cozy things, dark rooms with fairly lights, records, and I really like candles. I like playing instruments and learning to play them. I really really like the outdoors. Adventuring is one of my top 5 favorite activities. I have depression and sometimes I have anxiety attacks. 

Hobbies: reading, writing, making films, adventuring
I love: green/hipster-esqu items, cacti, coffee, sweaters, bikes, urban outfitters, books, and generally cool things
Fandoms: nature, animals, and plants
Fav Singers: Vampire Weekend, The 1975, WALK THE MOON, and anything indie/folk and classic rock
What I look for in a penpal:
Age: No younger than 16 and preferably no older than 24-ish
Gender: doesn’t matter
Country: I’m lazy, so in the USA would be better because I don’t want to have to find special stamps.
Languages: English please
Religion: I don’t care, as long as you don’t try to convert me or anything
What I’m Looking For: A good friend, because I don’t really have one. Ideally, someone who likes to give and receive cool gifts and things. Like I said, green/hipstery stuff. I guess that’s probably because that’s the kind of person I wish I was…so yeah.

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