I have already posted here once but since I´ve been kind of “off” lately I thought I could try again. 

Okej, so my name is Emma, I´m 16 years old and I live in Sweden. In study my first year at the gymnasium which means that I after the summer still have two years left. I study at the humanist program with language orientation. 

In my freetime I usually train (I play floorball), read books and listen to music. My favourite book is probably “The Shadow Of The Wind” written by Carlos Ruiz Zafon but I also love The hunger games, Harry Potter, Eragon and Metro 2033. The book I currently read is “Wizard´s first rule” by Terry Goodkind which is the first book the the Sword of Truth series.Music 

I usually listen to all kinds of music but I really like the band Haim. But mostly I listen to the toplists on Spotify. 

I speak Swedish (obviously), English and German. Next year I will start to study French and later on I hope to be able to study Chinese and Russian as well.

I mostly look for a penpal to mail with or skype. 

Feel free to contact me!:)

Mail: martenssonemma@outlook.com

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