Name: Ashley Twenter

: 17

: US (Washington State)


Languages: English, a little Hungarian and French

About Me: I love to read and write! I am a fan of all types of art, however am not very talented at creating very many artistic things myself. Although I haven’t traveled much this far in my life, I plan on exploring the world sometime soon! I am very in touch with my inner child; put me in Disneyland and I may actually transform back into a six year old right before your eyes! I love going on adventures and gaining new experiences. 

What I’m “Looking For”:I’m looking for someone who I can exchange letter/packages with. I am very open to meeting different kinds of people (I love learning new things about different places and cultures!), although I’m also totally open to someone who may live the same life I do! Don’t be shy! While I am open to different people, I am looking for someone around my age (16-18ish) so that we can hopefully relate to each other (where we are in life right now,etc.) somewhat! I’m really just looking for someone to be friends with and would love to maybe even be able to meet someday! 🙂 

If interested, please shoot me an email! 
ashley.twenter @ hotmail. com

Fun Fact: 
I’m from Hungary (heritage-wise) but have never actually visited there! If you live in Hungary and are interested I think it would be awesome to be pen pals! I could maybe even practice some of my broken Hungarian (I’m still learning haha)!

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