Here goes nothing..

Name- Jennapher Martine (If you want the full name. I go by whatever you prefer. Jen, Jenny, Jennapher. I don’t care, Whatever pleases your dear little heart.)

Age- 19

Country- The states. Go America. 

Languages- English. I’m picking back up on my french. I’m way of a slacker. 

Hobbies- This is extremely hard because I firmly do not believe I have any hobbies out side of the internet. I absolutely love to work out. I spend my whole day at the gym. I’m dedicated to my body and my health. I’m not sure if that part is a hobby. Is hulu a hobby? I do like hiking. I don’t do it enough. When the Season is right, I like to go snowboarding. Pretty rad. Still trying to find things out about myself. 

Message to you- I go to college. I’m behind but in hopes I’ll get there like any other young adult I work. I’m in love with books and in hopes the person I am contacting is to. In the late afternoons cafe hopping is my thing get to about 11pm, I party hop. Do I know myself? Maybe I do and I don’t realize it. Why am I treating this like a journal? I journal a lot. 

Who I want to write to:

Gender- I don’t care, You can be a dog and you’d be interesting. I’d be ecstatic.

Countries- Anywhere, only if you promise to send me pictures. I got a Polaroid.

Age- 18+

Language- English. If you Know another language, I’m willing to be taught. 

Communication- No email. Snail mail. This is why I want a pen pal. I want to get excited about something and someone that has interest in talking to me. Also open to someone sending pictures, packages , books back and forth. I love that stuff. 

Contact- In the shocking chance you like me and want to do this thing, Holla at me in my ask because I’m always on here 24/7. 


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