I’m Chris.
I’m 18 years old and live in Michigan.

My interests include sports, music, academics and philosophy.

I’m looking for an intellectual who can help me with problems that I am having. I am a great listener. I don’t want a pen pal who is a teachers pet, and one who cannot stand up for what is right. I need someone who can be frank and tell me my flaws. I’m looking for a pen pal who can be my therapist. I try not to sound cheesy as this may push people away but I want a down to earth friend.

I am very comical and a really empathetic friend. For a long time I have wanted a pen pal because there are some things that even best friends and family would have a hard time hearing.

I would prefer a 18-20 year old male who lives in the U.S. and who considers themselves an academic.

Contact me at:
Rldeccg (no space between g and @)

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