Hello! My name is Suzannah, but most people call me Zanna since it’s easier to remember (and shorter to spell). I live and study in Florida, USA. I’m 19, but I really do have an old soul! I just love the idea of sending handwritten letters through the post, it’s really nice to have a tangible conversation with someone, even if it does take a while to be delivered.

I’m a film student who wants to work in animation as well as live action film. The photos are test shots from a short film I created for a student festival, and by the time this probably goes up i’ll have finished my first animation short!

I’m an artist, an activist, and a girl who likes to meet new people and learn about new things. I’m quite the fan of lovely stationary so you’ll never have to worry about a dull white card!

My interests include:

  • Film – my favorite directors include Tarantino, Anderson, and Kubrick, but i also am very much obsessed with Disney, Pixar, Harry Potter, and LoTR/Hobbit. (I can talk about movies for days, like in detail critical analysis of films!)

  • Books – mainly fantasy and horror but i’m very open to new genres!! Stephen King is probably my favorite author.

  • Opera/Theater/Broadway

  • Art

  • Witchcraft

  • Life’s great mysteries 🙂

I’m looking for someone with whom i can get deep with over snail mail. You know, conversations about the universe and philosophical topics alike 🙂 Age range probably 18+, and from anywhere in the world. I don’t care really but maybe someone with some worldly experiences!

The only thing that might be a put-off is that i can really only write in cursive and i speak primarily English (i can navigate my way through french but i am no where near fluent), but if those things don’t bother you feel free to send me an email at

fortuneandgloryy @ gmail. com
or message me on my tumblr at 🙂 

I look forward to hearing from you!

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