I’d like a penpal in Japan starting around July!


My name is Collette and I’m 25 years old. I’m moving to Oregon, USA, and I’d like a female penpal from Japan preferable around my age (20 or older). 

I like art and photo, film and writing, exploring and travel. I enjoy a little bit of fashion and I love creativity.
I don’t really care too much for television or american pop music. 

I would like snail mail only. I am also trying to start keeping a regular vlog, so please be aware if you send me a letter or anything, I will probably post it on YouTube. :]

I’d like someone who will send me little gifts because I will send you little gifts as well! 

I am trying to learn some Japanese, so I will probably try to write you random things, but most of it will be in English. I can teach you if you help me!

Contact – http://colletteposts.tumblr.com/

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