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Hey everyone, I’m Renee, I’m 18 (closer to 19), a psychology student from Australia and I speak English only (I really really don’t have the knack for languages… I’ve tried). I’d love a pen pal of any gender but please be between 18 and 25. I’m totally non judgemental, so please don’t hesitate! I’m happy to email, but what I’d really love is to snail mail someone. I’d send little pictures of stuff I get up to (there’s some great scenery around!) and be prepared for a lot of talk about my pets. If you aren’t from Australia you can expect Vegemite too.

I’d love to travel the world – I’m currently saving. I want to go everywhere but some musts are New York, Disney in Anaheim, France (again), Belgium (again), Germany (again), Amsterdam, Japan, London, Sydney, Gold Coast in Queensland (again), Italy, Greece, Sweden, Ireland, Canada…

TV: Friends, Scrubs, Sex and the City, The Simpsons, Big Bang Theory, HIMYM.

Movies: pretty much everything. Love Old Hollywood (Marilyn, Audrey, Humphrey, etc), comedy and romcom. Building up studio ghibli.

Music: again, diverse. Spans many decades.

Books: diverse, again! I love books about mental illness and also books that tug on the ol heart strings.

Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

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