Hi! I’m Liv, I’m 17 years old from Rhode Island, USA


  • traveling
  • musical theater
  • listening to music
  • history
  • reading
  • coffee
  • binge watching netflix
  • baking
  • (at least attempting) DIY stuff

Dislikes: Only specific dislike I really have is anime

What I’m looking for in a pen pal:

  • Snail Mail! I really would like to try the good old fashioned way
  • Between 16 and 19 years old
  • Male or Female
  • Does not matter what country they are from 
  • English language only
  • I’m really just looking for someone to create a (hopefully) lasting connection with

Random Fact: I am able to lick my elbow and recite all 50 states in under 30 seconds. Plus I can dislocate my shoulders and rotate them all the way around 


livia123097 @ gmail .com 

or my tumblr

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