Name: Annastacia
Age: 17
Country: United States; Washington
Gender: Female
Languages: English and Japanese (sort of fluent)

Interests/Hobbies: Dance, Art, Music, Working out (But im also super lazy…), going on adventures, reading, writing, sleeping, eating, travelling
Personal message: I love anything unrealistic… That’s why books and movies are my escape from reality. I am a very artistic and creative person, and I enjoy going on adventures and doing spontaneous things. I watch quite a few youtubers (Pewdiepie, Marzia, Kalel, Joe Sugg, etc.) because it’s a way of non-creepliy/non-stalking-ly seeing their lives and learning new ideas. A few more things: Astrological and astronomical fanatic, a somewhat horror devotee, definite Disney and tea addict, professional hibernator, and a non-sadist.

Contact info (email or Tumblr): 
-Tumblr: crustyspooons. tumblr. com
-Email: jacenskye002 @ (I’m terrible at checking my e-mail.)

About the penpal/s I’m looking for-  Anyone!

  • Countries: Any country!
  • Gender: Any! (:
  • Age group: 15+
  • Languages: Preferably English, but I’m always up for learning a new language!
  • Email, snail mail or both: Either! Preferably snail mail though, since I am horrible at checking my e-mails… 
  • Anything else: I also have a kik if you would like to message me anytime during the day instead of waiting for a letter! (@cheesecakemix) Hope to hear back! Oh, and my hair is currently purple, and my mom helped me choose my photo. Lol.

Random Fact: Even if I am 72% terrified of zombies, I think a zombie apocalypse would be pretty awesome. Time to pull out my imaginative bad-a.. skills.

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