Hello! (This is a re-post because I am looking for a few more pen pals, especially those fluent in French.)

I am Tasia. 

I am 22 and live in Michigan, USA. I just graduated from college and I am taking a break before going to law school.

love reading, writing, drawing, my friends, photography, nature, music(especially Anberlin), food, walking, anime, manga, video games, running, coloring books, playing instruments, comics, animals (both stuffed and real), learning new languages, trying new things, having sword duels with my puppy (he always beat me), glitter, dessert, people being true to themselves, nail polish, and so much more. I watch Doctor Who, Sherlock, and The Following with my boyfriend. I watch C-Span for fun.
do not like insects with more than 6 legs, bananas, mangoes, animal abusers, people being mean just for the heck of it, homophobic or prejudice people, and driving.

I’m looking for someone to talk with. I am especially looking for someone who speaks French and can help me practice mines. The law program I want to enter requires that we are fluent in 3 languages, and my French is rusty. However, you can be from anywhere in the world! Any gender, I would love to learn about you and your culture! I don’t care if we don’t have the same likes. You can hate everything I love, and I still want to talk to you. I believe life is too short to write someone off because of their interests. Everyone has their own story, and I want to hear it.

I am willing to do snail mail, email, cultural exchange, and art exchanges. Anything that makes you feel most comfortable. Also I would love if you respond regularly. I have a few pen pals currently, and they are boss. I love talking to them. I do prefer if you are 20-28 years old, if you are younger or older than that age frame please feel free to follow and shoot me messages 🙂 I can’t wait to talk to you!

How to contact me: (Main blog- I check daily
or (art/creativity blog-I check every couple of days

I check both daily. 

Random Fact: While in college I taught myself how to knit, crochet, bake, and play popular music on the piano.

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