Looking for an email buddy


I’ve already written an ad before and now that I’m doing it again, it’s still weird to write this stuff.

My name is Vanessa, 25 and from Perú. I used to have pen pals but sending letters got to expensive for me so I had to pause that. So I thought I could try with emails.

What I like: reading (a lot!), watching movies and tv shows, writting stories that I never finish. Playing video games, dancing like a weirdo in my room. Learning random facts, especially historical . I loveeee to know cultural stuff from other countries. You can read more of my interests in my about page in my blog if you want.

I tend to be really introvert, sometimes have troubles to have a proper conversation especially when I meet new people. I speak spanish and english (not very well as u can read, tho).

What I look for in a penpal: I don’t have preference for gender or country. I’d prefer email buddies who are near my age, at leat 22+ please. You can write anything to me from your weird dream from last night to“are ants are planing an attack to humans?”. Anything.

Write me at cincocosas.tumblr.com or cincocosas90 @ gmail.com

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