So, I’m Nurul. I’m from Malaysia. Turning 17 in August. I speak only English though but I’m willing to learn new languages.
I would want to communicate through kik, skype and maybe send each other packages once in awhile.

I mostly watch gameplay and vloggers on YouTube.I love video games, random genres of music, reading/writing books. Yes, I know it’s a strange combination. Tumblr, YouTube and Wattpad are my escapes. I can be shy at first but very weird after awhile. But I’ll always text back no matter what or how long it takes for me to see the message.You don’t have to start with ‘hi’ or anything like that when we talk, just straight to the subject type of things no matter how random.

Timezones are nothing to me since I stay up late anyway. You can be a guy or girl, I don’t really care. But it’ll be nice to have a guy friend tho. Skype sleepovers are something I’ve always wanted to do and we’ll most probably do it.

Message me on tumblr and we’ll exchange kiks!


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