•Name: Alana Gabrielle

•Age: 20

•Location: Jax Florida

•Languages I speak: English and small phrases in Spanish! But teach me things about your languages if you speak any!

•About myself: I am large on body modifications, tattoos, piercings. I have 13 piercings and a plethora of tattoos! I love hookah, and the outdoors. I drink a bit too much, and I have the mouth of a sailor. I’m big into art and making things along with the sky. I love the mountains and the oceans and flowers. I’m big into forests and long car drives and learning. I love to learn and to create. I’m a ball of emotions and I talk a lot… Sorry! I’m pansexual. And I believe in a multitude of deities, and am not hella religious. But I also love to learn about different cultures and religions so teach me what you think.

•Books: The inkheart trilogy, poetry, old novels, I own old books, and I love history

•Music: I used to love everything but classical and now I just love everything. Video game soundtracks interest me a lot.

•Perfect Pen/Tumblr Pal: Someone who won’t mind that sometimes I might send a one word text or a rambling letter, and that I have bouts of sadness, but will send me a letter chronicling their days just because 
• Preferred method of contact: Texting, snailmail
Message me if you’re interested!!

Tumblr: http://sailoralana.tumblr.com/ask

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