Hello guys, My name is Nikita, 23 and I’m live in Mumbai, India.

I love reading romantic and light comedy fiction novels and i’m binge tv watcher. My favorites are Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family, New Girl, Big Bang Theory etc and Friends is my all time favorite. I take inspiration from the book The Secret to live my life.

I’m currently studying my masters in marketing and I’m also working in a stationery company.  I’m quite interested in making friends all over the world. I have a dream to have a home in London or some place beautiful 🙂

I’m looking to connect with someone around my age. Gender doesn’t matter. Just want to make a friend who I can talk to on a daily basis about how life is and stuff like that. I’m looking for someone who doesn’t mind emailing. 

So in all: 

Gender: Any

Country: Any

Age: 20-30 

My tumblr: Here ( you can drop by to say Hi!)

Type of Exchange: Email – @ gmail . com

Oh by the way I have a twin sister 🙂

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