Cultural Exchange/Snail Mail Buddy


Hi! My name is Angeles and I live in California, US. I’m 16 years old and I would like a cultural exchange/snail mail buddy around the same age as me (I would like to start of with tumblr messages and emails, though). I know how to speak Chinese, a little bit of French, and I am in the process of learning Korean, so if you’re from China, France, or Korea, it would be awesome. 

I love to do various forms of art such as sketching, photography, and makeup/hair and sometimes kickboxing and weightlifting as well. I’m interested in travelling the world and studying languages and hope to study abroad some day. Eating all the junk foods (especially ramen) is my life, and I also binge watch youtube videos and chatting on facebook.

I know my description is very vague but I’m just so horrible at explaining myself! So yeah, if you’re from China, France, or Korea and want a friend from California, message me on Tumblr and we’ll see how awesome we are!!1

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