Hello, lovely souls! My name is Chyenne, I am 20 years old lady, & I live in Texas. I’m a freelance lifestyle photographer, an artist, a writer, & I crochet blankets. I prefer homemade over store bought, thrifted over new, & I love books more than people. I identify as queer* & I’m a Christian. I promise that you can be both & not hate yourself! I am in an LDR with a handsome red bear of a human who lives in Virginia. I want to write actual letters, sent through the mail, with possible trinket & small gift exchanges.

Please be 17+ & living in the USA. Postage is crazy expensive & I’m broke most of the time.

*It’s an umbrella term that literally means not heterosexual and/or not cis gendered.

Contact me here: http://wreckedsailboats.tumblr.com/

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