Well hello there!  🙂

Name: Anastasia

Age: 16 

Country: Belgium

Interests: I love anime and manga, Fairy Tail, Nisekoi and Kimi ni Todoke are some of my favourites (I prefer Fairy Tail in anime version, though).

Coming back to the western culture, I like Sherlock and some other stuff but I’m not really watching any series right now. 

I still can’t really describe my music taste but let’s say that my favourite “modern” band is Imagine Dragons, and my favourite singer is Selena Gomez.

In my free time, I like to read, write and draw (even though I suck at both), but mostly just sleep.

Perfect penpal: I would like someone who is my age or older (so let’s say 16-20), boy or girl, who has some similar interests, someone from the UK would be perfect, but I don’t really mind that. I can do snail mail or emails, and we can stay in touch via other social medias if you want 🙂

Languages: I am Russian (and proud of that, you’ll get it pretty soon if you talk to me ), so I speak Russian. As I live in Belgium, I speak French. And, of course, I speak English.

Contact me: ultanastasia or Briantinel on tumblr 🙂

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