Skype Pal


Hey, My name is Chris. I’m 18 and I’m from Ireland, and I would like to skype people to help pass the time and destress me while I study. I had a previous ad here, But I quickly learned that the time zones were a major issue, and so for that reason, I would ask that you be within the GMT00 +/- 3 hours. If you’re not in those time zones it just wont work out. I’d like to talk to females between 18-24, or anyone who identifies as female

My interests are: Music, Guitar, snooker, pool, gaming, reading, writing, philosophy. 

If you’re interested, you can kik me @ StraightTalker__33 with two underscores, where we can briefly introduce ourselves, and swap selfies as an ice breaker. Your appearance doesnt matter, but it’s nice just to prepare before a skype call, it elimanates my anxiety. I’m looking for someone who doesnt mind if we just cam and type rather than always talk because I’ll probably be doing work. Having some free time on your hands would be great too. I am asking for a lot arent I?

Once more into the fray.

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