I’m looking for some cuties who are willing to become my pen pals! I don’t care if you live in Holland, like I do, or somewhere else in Europe, or America or Africa or where ever.. As long as you like to send and receive letters about art, music and life in general + crappy drawings by me!!

Hi!  I’m Laura, a curly-haired 18 year old from the Netherlands who is obsessed with art, especially van Gogh! 

I like art, music (really any kind, i love getting to know new artists!), literature, shopping and thrifting, drinking tea with my friends, talking (a lot), and I systematically over-use emoji’s

I dislike close minded people, being bored, and stinging insects (I’m allergic to almost all of them 🙁 )

I’m looking from some one to send snail mail, but also art pals, regular pen pals and email buddies; preferably age 15-21, but I really don’t mind as long as you are fun and interesting!! 


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