LGBT+ friendly penpal


My name is Alorea, I live in Oregon in the US and I’m fifteen.

I like video games, writing and reading (especially fanfiction), and cosplay. (I know, I’m a huge nerd)
I dislike intolerant or hateful people, cooking, and bug/small creatures that are creepy and crawly and slimy. (ew!)

I’m hoping for a penpal who will be a good friend, preferably something long term. They absolutely must be LGBT+ accepting and hopefully between the ages of 14-17 (though I’m not super strict on that) I want to use email or Tumblr (whichever you like). I don’t care about gender or location.

This ad is small and probably boring but I hope I find some great penpals.

Email: thenoviceofnovices @ hotmail . com (of course without the spaces)


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