Hi my name is Alma and I’m from Melbourne Australia.

Im Looking for a friend preferably in London or the Uk to speak to as i plan on moving there in the next few years. I admire to become a lawyer, but i have many other interests. I am currently at Australia’s top Fashion school and I’m really enjoying it. I admire the fashion industry and one day hope to become apart of it. Recently I’ve discovered my hobbies which is drawing. A lot of people my age usually have a hobby such as sport but I’ve never been able to catch on to it until i started developing my drawing skills at school and really found it a way to escape the crazy lifestyle we have here.

Im looking for a friend that can possibly tell me about the life in London and shares similar interests as me. i want to build a long term friendship and I’ve always been fascinated about having a Pen Pal. Feel free to give me an email on almaklepo122@gmail.com

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