I’m Mercedes, and I am currently in my third year of college. I’m studying sociology, so I’m very interested in current social problems, change, progress, etc. 

Likes: learning about cultural/social differences, attending concerts (last 3 include Catfish and the Bottlemen , Julian Casablancas + the Voidz, and Chromeo), watching movies (favorites are The Place Beyond the Pines, The Virgin Suicides, American Graffiti, Almost Famous, and Goodfellas), and going on small roadtrips with my friends. 
Dislikes: just be a good person; don’t do anything that would harm yourself or someone else. that’s it. 

As my likes section is a bit short, I am interested in a pen pal to be able to communicate with other people and learn about them and their lives. So, honestly, I’m not too strict when it comes to shared interests. 

Preferably, I would like to write snail mail with someone who is near my age (perhaps in college too??) and in the United States

However, don’t hesitate to contact me at http://honeytidings.tumblr.com/ask

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