Hola! My name is Fahani, from Malaysia. 

likes: i like to read books and sad poems, sketching, snailmailing, drinking tea, listening to music. carmilla the webseries!
dislikes: worms, mainstream songs. 

I’m 16 and currently studying in high school. I’m in art stream. I’m into art and music. I sketch a lot and I listen to weird genres such as; indie, psychedelic, orchestral, alternative,jazz, a bit on metal/harcore, i listen to a lot of foreign music. I play guitar, piano and a bit on this traditional flute called ‘Seruling’. I’m weird. I drink tea a lot! I like to read memoir, psycho, horror and history stuffs.  I have a weird obsession over Poland!

I’m searching for penpals from Poland regardless of your age and gender that can teach me polish, but other countries are fine to me. I also would like to have friends that willing to skype with me, I mean if you’re from Poland, we could talk about your country and all sort of stuffs

Random facts : I once stumbled into my favourite artiste (Lucy Rose) and it was the best moment ever

You can contact me via email: zurfahani_batrisya @ yahoo . com

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