Brigit. 22. Pennsylvania.

Hello one and all in search of a penpal.

I am a female that has survived this planet for 22 years. I am called a hippie by many and have always known it to be true because of my love and connection to everything outdoors. I am a writer and a reader, a dreamer and slowly a path maker. I have strong opinions about many things and am always open to new ideas and experiences.

I am looking for at least one person whom has an open mind and is willing to talk about life in every essence. Someone that is up for sharing opinions and having debates, long letters and detailed stories, and becoming friends through the words we write to one another. I am looking for someone who wants to share pictures, writings, small examples of favorite things to slowly build a lasting friendship. 

I am looking for a long term pen pal from anywhere in the world that wants to share and learn more about this beautiful earth that we are so gracious as to live on. I would love to find a few different people so that I could eventually visit them in person as I plan to travel the world to meet those I’ve spoken to and to experience things on this earth that aren’t what I can just find in my backyard.

how to contact me:
Tumblr – emotionsforthepicking.tumblr.com/ask
Email – brigitlorraine@gmail.com

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