In desperate need of internet friends


Hi, i’m chey, a girl,15 years old and i live in the us.

Interest: I love music, metal/punk rock/indie, cats,pizza,Teen wolf,The walking dead,American Horror story, the 100 and supernatural. I love photography, i’m a chill kind of person, and i’m nice but i do have a dark/offensive sense of humor i guess. If we become friends just to warn you i send a lot of ugly selfies. I absolutely love nature even though im a home-body it’s beautiful. I don’t really care what your gender identity, sexual orientation or religion is.I just really need internet friends.I have a lot more interest but there are too many to put on here. Please i’m tired of talking to my mom 24/7. (note to sarcasm) I ship ryden, destiel, and frerard and if that’s not gonna make you wanna be my friend oh well.

Kik- satanic_saturn


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