Hello dreamers, wanderers, and fellow humans. My name is DJ Roberts and it is quite the pleasure to meet you. I strive to be a nice person and help everyone that I come across. I’m 25 and I live in a tiny tiny town in Alabama. I’m into a lot of things, drawing, painting, writing, reading, graphic design, programming, and gaming among other things :) 

I’m in love with snail mail and I really want to find more friends to exchange letters with. I’m a simple guy and I don’t require things in return but I find it to be an amazing feeling when I think I put a smile on someones face. I love trading poetry, photography, drawings, postcards, and small gifts. No limits on age, sex, etc… just genuinely nice people with a good urge for decent conversation.

I feel like I have a very extensive taste in books, movies, and music and would love to trade interests in those as well! If you think you find me to be an interesting person please feel free to message me through tumblr, kik, email, or interpals if you have it :) I hope to hear from you soon! 

Tumblr: golivelittlething.tumblr.com/

Kik: TDJR101012

Email: Theotis.dj.roberts@hotmail.com

Interpals: www.interpals.net/DjRoberts1990


Greetings from France ! I hope that you’re fine. If I put my add here, it’s because I’m searching penpals to do snail mail.

So, I’m going to introduce my self. I’m Aurélie from France. I’m 20 years old, soon 21. I’m a language student. I’m learning english, spanish and Italian. So, you can to send me a message in english and spanish. I must improve my italian because I began this last year, so I don’t have a good level ahah.

If you’re interested, send me a message. Penpals between 18-25 years, boy and girls.

I’m waiting your mail here :
 a. gertsch @ laposte.net
( without the space )

Pen Pal S.O.S


Hey, I’m Salome x

My Father may or may not have been a Shaolin Monk. 
- In A Cave, On A Mountain 
- Wonderwoman in my free time. 
- Xena: Warrior Princess when I’m busy.

  • I’m 19, from London but studying in Scotland for University. 
  • I study Psychology. 
  • I enjoy singing ..a lot. Annoyingly a lot I’ve come to realise. 
  • I love all things psychology and philosophy. 
  • Reading is one of my favourite things. Mostly fiction (psychological thrillers, dystopian, espionage = few of my favourite genres) but I’m trying to branch out into more nonfiction. 
  • I’m also a cheerleader and avid chess player. Two of the three very important C’s; the third being Cheese of course. 
  • Love to explore and would like to do it more.

I don’t really have a “people preference” except age wise (same age group as me +/- 2 or 3). But if you think anything I’ve said matches with you then message me. Even if you don’t and you’re still interested that’s cool too I guess.

Also don’t care if you’re blue and from the planet crystalopia. I’m in love with a man with two hearts so… (Please tell me you got that reference – you can mention it in your reply if you do).

Friend, Supporter, Pen Pal etc …
I’m your gal 
- – – – – – – – – – 

Keep Shining & Winning 
- Salome xo

Contact Me: MalicaJ @ hotmail. co.uk


Hey, my name is Summer. I’m 27 and from Oklahoma. I am looking for snail mail pen pals. I don’t want to say too much about myself on here but there are some things you should know right off.

I suffer from depression. I have long periods of time where I am very down, and then periods where I am pretty happy. It is important to me to have someone to write to who understands and doesn’t make me feel like my feelings don’t matter and who won’t judge me during the times when my letters aren’t very happy.

I have a boyfriend so I’m not looking for anything other than friends, bit I am open to writing to males and females.

I love love love dogs. I have 4. You will probably hear a lot about them.

I have one son, but he was stillborn. You will hear about him too and if that makes you uncomfortable then we are not good pen pal matches.

You can reach me on my Tumblr: sumbird


Hey everyone, I’m Shailyn! I’m 17 and I live in Maine, I used to have a bunch of penpals but I kind of fell out of it and really would love to get back into it and find some new penpals to be friends with and send letters to!

My interests/stuff I like: I’m a huge fan of Marvel, especially Captain America! Youtube is also a huge part of my life and my favorite youtubers are LeafyisHere, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Shane Dawson, idubbbz, and jacksfilms..but I watch a lot more! Also I love music, my favorite band is All Time Low, and my other favorite music artists are blink 182, gnash, Witt Lowry, twenty one pilots, Melanie Martinez, and Saywecanfly. For tv shows I love Greys Anatomy, OITNB, Stranger Things, Parks and Rec, Sherlock. A couple of my favorite movies are 13 Going on 30 and Final Destination 3. I am really into horror movies and horror stuff in general! I also love books and reading.

I hope to find someone, or multiple people, who want to be penpals and send letters! I’m not looking for an email penpal btw. Gender and location doesn’t matter for me, just be within ages 14-21 is all I ask! I am LGBT+ friendly and am open to talking to anyone really as long your in the age range!

So yeah, I look forward to finding new penpals! You can message me anytime on my blog @septicgrump c: