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Name; Chloe

Age; 14 (looking for someone 13-15)

Location; Uk

Likes; Photography; Editing (videos); Friends; Family; Learning new things; Nature; Tea; Music; Films; Dan & Phil; Lana Del Rey; Halsey; People I can be myself around; Plants

Dislikes; Loud chewers; Homophobes; Racists; Sexists; People who judge others on what they look like;

Hopes/Dreams; Travel the world and take pictures of where I go; Open my own gallery of the pictures I take

Random; I curse quite a lot (although I’m trying to stop); I have two cat’s; I’m really awkward;

Random Fact; I once fell off a wall in Spain and landed in a mini-golf course

Contact; (I might take a while to reply)
@lanaftphan (on twitter)

Email? Snail Mail?


About me: Hi. College Student. 23. Married. Would like someone other than my husband to talk to. Adopted

Location - Denver, CO USA

Likes - Photography, Psychology, Social Work, Music (would love to trade mix cds eventually) Dogs<3 ( I do have a husky german shepard) 

Dislikes - I honestly do not have dislikes 

I would love to have an email buddy as it seems that I am in college and spend most of the time on the computer or even a snail mail but only  a few because it would be hard to keep up with all of them. You know? Age would be around the same age. Female preference. United states if possible. IF you are out of the country – email would be great. I would love to eventually text you sometime and even become long life friends. 

Ways to get ahold of me:?
Email – loveabledana @ hotmail . com
Facebook – Dana Marie Ortiz (Brooke McIlvain) 
Instagram – danarocksyourworld

I would love to get to know you all. 


Hi my name is Sarah and I am from Canada! :) I am 16 years old and turning 17 this December.

I wanna meet people from all round the world. 

I am very easy going and I love all types of music, I love movies such as Harry Potter and any of the Marvel movies. I also love to read books like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. I can tell you more about me if you get to talk to me!

Please feel free to contact me by messaging my account! :D

Hello friends!


So, this is my first time posting an ad on here (yay!), so I’m not exactly sure what I want to say!

About me:
I am a 15 year old High School sophmore, and my name is Madisyn (I go by Maddy though!) I am in Academic Decathlon, Speech and Debate, and DECA. I love to write poetry and I love to tell stories. I don’t talk to many people in real life, but I am a very social person. I also live in Arizona (us)!

But, some likes are:
drawing (even though I’m not good at it at all I do doodle a lot), Harry Potter, X-men movies, RED (the movie, not the color), dogs (really any animals), volunteering, rain, reading, and watching movies! I also love to talk about the most random things and having deep conversations!

Some dislikes: People who aren’t open to opinions of others, racists, sexiest, homophobics, people who refuse to listen to others, people who do drugs or drink underage, and chicken

For some things that I am looking for are:

  • People between the ages of 14-18 
  • Looking to send letters
  • I don’t mind your gender, sexuality, race,where you grew up, so I hope you don’t mind mine
  • Live in the U.S.

Message me at my tumblr ( ) if you’re interested! :)


Name: Georgia Wynn

Age: 16

Location: Sydney, Australia

Languages: English, Burmese and conversational Japanese

What I am looking for: Anyone interested in being my pen-pal (although my parents would prefer it if I gave my address to a girl). Preferably between ages 16 – 19. I would like to make pen-pals from Asia, but I am happy to make friends from all over the world.

Likes: Anime, K-Pop (YG Stan), Korean variety shows, travelling, reading, aesthetics, photography, learning languages, writing, stamps, washi tape and cute plush toys.

Dislikes: Discrimination of any form and durians.

I look forward to writing to you!

Main blog: (but I prefer if you message me through