Hey everyone!


I’m a 19 year old bi girl from Germany looking for friends and a cute gf or bf. 

It’d be awesome if you were from Germany, so we could meet!! But it’s totally fine if you’re not.

I’d like to video chat and I have whatsapp. I also love snail mail. 

Hobbies: writing, cooking & baking, shopping, being outside, 

Some stuff I like: star trek, pokémon, lazy town, stickers, fake tattoos, stationery, everything creative & everything cute, space, crocodiles, dogs 

Please be around 16-21, and not homophobic, sexist, racist or anything like that. 

I don’t have tumblr, so if you want to contact me, just send me a mail!! 

someonecool @ gmx. de (without spaces)

I can’t wait to hear from you!! 

October 21, 2017


Hi guys!

My name is Megan, I’m 24, and I live in South Carolina. My interests/hobbies include animals, coffee, listening to music (indie/alternative rock, 90s jams, oldies), catching up on tv shows (currently Riverdale and Stranger Things), collecting movies (big fan of Disney and 80s classics), baking, and crafty things. I enjoy DIY projects and going antiquing. I’m also a vegetarian and like trying out new recipes. I’ve been with my high school sweetheart for almost 10 years now and we have two Boston terriers!

I prefer female pen pals to send cute little parcels and snail mail to. I love sending hand written letters and little goodies! Looking forward to meeting new friends so message me on my tumblr if you think we have similar interests! vigorouslythiriving.tumblr.com


Hey you, I am Amanda, 22, from Brazil. I found no ‘South America’ tag to click on the mobile submission *raises fist at the mods*

I’m passionate about exchanging ideas about the most diverse topics you can think of. Decided to submit and meet new people from different backgrounds, looking forward to hear from you.

Sorry for the fist tantrum mods! 😉

Disclaimer: I am a terrible emoji user.


looking for an email/im pal :-0


hey, i’m verity and i’m a 22 (nearly 23) year old animator, hobbyist photographer, and aspiring programmer from canada!

i’m looking for an email buddy or, even better, someone that i can message via sc or whatsapp. i can’t send snail mail at the moment but it’s something i’d be open to exchanging in the future if we click as friends!

my email: nicolaegutaislife @ outlook . com

a little about me: this is all going to be pretty random, okay? so, anyway… if you’re a slut for astrology, my sun sign is scorpio and my moon is cancer. i learned to code on neopets.com. i collect enamel pins. my favourite is a fat cat eating cheetos. i could eat fajitas all day, every day. i’m learning romanian very, very slowly. i’m gay lol. i’m in elo hell. i’ve uninstalled league of legends at least three times. i have lots of ugly sweaters. i love sharing memes and music playlists. i’m a night owl. i cried during kimi no na wa.

  • totally into just chatting about whatever – movies, anime, memes, school, being gay (if that’s your thing), video games, puppers.
  • not cool with homophobes, transphobes, or really any -phobes.


Good day, everyone! My name is Chelsea, 24 years old, from the Philippines, I work as a high school assistant guidance counselor (im not yet licensed), and im a master of arts in guidance and counseling student.

I basically want to do this pen pal thing because I think i have human connection and communication problems and I usually want to try different kinds of hobby.

I look for something quick, just an exchange of letter or postcard, maybe a one-time or two-time thing. But i do hope that one of you would be able to “cure” my “problem”. (felt weird saying that, after all I’m a counselor)

Anywayyy, im an artsy person or, at least, i try to be one by purchasing and collecting stationery, stickers, and postcards from bazaars and indie hubs.

Other interests: 

  • films (letterboxd . com/chelseacalderon/): i love slice of life, thriller, psychological films. At the moment i indulge myself by watching asian 
    • films (i love Ozu, Sang Soo etc. , slow cinema, and the classics.
  • music: i love 80s music, japanese shoegaze, sadcore/slowcore and indie filipino music
  • film photography (carlatan. tumblr . com/): i’d love to try to swap films too


  • pen pal (snail mail) letters and postcards only, no packages (except for film swaps)
  • 24-30 years old, no preferences on gender/race
  • wants this whole thing brief but deep (but we can’t really tell as of now, right? we cant really be too sure that it’d be brief haha)

Facts about me:

  • I live close to the surfing capital.
  • i have a penpal from Tbilisi, Georgia and a time capsule buddy from Laguna, Philippines.
  • I’m totally trustworthy!

Contact details:
: chelseafayeanescalderon @ gmail . com
tumblr:  carlatan. tumblr . com/ 
or you can just click this tumblr that i’ve used