Hi everyone!

My name is Valeria and I’m 17 years old. I’m from Lima, Peru and interested in having international PenPals. I can speak Spanish, English and French fluently, and know basic Italian and Korean. I’m currently in my first year at college and studying to be a Kindergarten teacher and probably an English teacher in the future. I am interested in other cultures and learning about other countries.

I enjoy scrapping and collecting stationery. I like Hello Kitty and her friends, Kumamon, Rilakkuma, Gudetama, Snoopy, Winnie the Pooh and other cute characters. I adore KPOP, Korean makeup and dramas. My favourite idol is Do Kyungsoo. I like reading Y/A books and enjoy fanfics and mangas also. I love patches, sweets, candles and scented stuff.

I am looking for someone with similar interests, gender and sexual orientation doesn’t really matter to me. I am a feminist so I if you are in favour of any kind of discrimination then I won’t be interested. I also like to exchange things with my friends, such as little sweets that are from my country or even buying things they like and sending them as a present.

If someone is interested you can contact me at or at (this last blog is going to be more personal, and I will start it later)



snail-mail buddies oui?


Hey there! My name is Chantelle; I’m seventeen years old and live in England!

Interests: adventuring, English literature(huge English geek !!!), body fitness/improvement, fundraising, sleeping(loml), indie/rock/alternative/pop-punk music, procrastination(as per usual), body posi/ positive vibes! 

The ‘perfect penpal’… someone who is aged between 15-19, both male and female! I don’t care where you’re from, as long as you’re cool with sending snail-mail to eachother and willing to keep that regular! 

Contact information! 
If you’re interested in becoming penpals/snail-mail buddies, don’t hesitate to email me! ( ) 
You can follow me on Instagram ( chantellechloex ) too and direct message me (i’ll be able to reply quicker in that case!)

Any other information: 
In the future, i’m hoping to exchange small gifts or items as a way to gain knowledge/understanding of culture! 


I’m Priawhwan, 19 from Thailand. You can call me pw. My name means sour and sweet. 

My e-mail is 

I basically collect postcard. I’m looking for snail mail. It can be anyone from anywhere who wants to chat.We can exchange drawing. I send package but I don’t do that so often. You can ask me if you want to. I’d love to give advice on anything but only though e-mail, tumblr, or instant message. If you curious about any of these, you can ask me on my tumblr as well. It’s 

I study design. It isn’t cool like its sound trust me. I speak Thai yeah I’m a native and English. I like music a lot! My dream goal is to watch Arctic Monkeys and the 1975 live. I really want to go to US and UK. I also love singing. I can randomly sing at you. I like reading and watch movie. Peter Pan and Scooby Doo are my favourite. I like any kind of cartoon and comic. I have cat but I want to pet turtle and giraffe. I do write online fiction though. Oh and I love Sherlock, The big bang theory, awkward, GrimmPercy Jackson. I honestly will hold conversations about pretty much anything.

Pen pal wanted :)


Hi!:) I’m Rose, and I’m 17 years of age, from a small town in Utah, USA. Some of my favorite things in life are iced tea, snowy days, when my dog let’s me cuddle him, the smell of rain, sleeping in, and wasting freshly baked bread. Some of my hobbies are playing an instrument (I play eight as of right now.) And cooking. When I’m not at school or home, I’m working. Some of my interests include anything CSI or NCIS related. I’m into quite a bit of criminology shows. I also love 80’s music and food.

I would prefer if we snail mailed, but I’m open to all means of communication. Would prefer someone 17+, sexuality and , religion or ethnicity set aside, I don’t mind. :) I’m open to everyone. You could begin buy messaging me on my tumblr, watchtherainwithme, and we’ll go from there. Thank you for reading!


Hello!! My name is Holly and I am 17 years old :) I live in the UK in a city called Bristol (where they filmed skins if that helps).

I love drawing and designing things as well as wasting my time on the internet ;) I spend a lot of time making things that are nice but NOT what I should be doing! ;) I am a proud feminist and I also campaign for equality causes in other areas such as race, sexuality and religion (society needs to pull itself together!) I love to travel and hopefully after finishing my a levels I will go inter railing with a group of friends! I am a vegetarian, I love to spend my time on tumblr and I am obsessed with rookie magazine!!  I spend my time hanging out with friends as well as going to drama clubs and attending art exhebitions. :)

I study Art, Drama and Biology at the moment at my college and in the future I would love to pursue a career in art or drama! 

I love to listen St. Vincent as well as Rat boy, The Stone roses, The Specials and Jaime T!

I love watching films! Recent films I have liked have been DopeMe, Earl and the Dying girl and Song of the Sea. My all time favourites include Submarine (I adore Richard Ayoade), The Grand Budapest Hotel, Little Miss Sunshine and My neighbour Totoro!

I am a massive whovian and have been from a very young age :) as well as doctor who I love tv in general such as sherlock, peep show, it crowd, utopia, the mighty boosh and much more!! ( I am super into comedy shows)

Call me basic but my favourite books series is Harry Potter! there is some nostalgic connection I have with the books that just takes me back to my childhood! My favourite book of all time is The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy!! I also love reading graphic novels – one I read recently that I particularly liked was called ‘super mutant magic academy’, I know it sounds silly but it is honestly amazing! imagine a x-men style magic school where everybody has tumblr attitudes :)

I would love to get to know another person living in a different country to me and message them or send them snail mail! Such as little gifts and art I have made! :) Get in contact if you are interested!