Hi all! :)

Name: Candice

Age: 25

Country: South Africa

Gender: Female

Languages: English

Interests/Hobbies: snailmailing, emailing, writing, coffee and tea, I love vintage! and collecting vintage items, watching series, cheese, languages, nail art, painting my nails, psychology, arts n crafts, chocolate, being creative, daydreaming.

About me: I am currently in my 3rd year of studying BA Sport Recreation and Exercise Science. I major in psychology and sport management. I looove the anticipation of waiting for a letter in my mail or waiting on an email. it’s exciting. I like to think of myself as an oldschool gal. I might be starting to believe in reincarnation :/ I would love to travel the world someday.

My perfect pen pal: Someone who shares similar interests as me, but it does’nt matter if you don’t. I’m open-minded. I’m also interested in learning new languages and learning about different cultures. Please no satanists, Anti-Christs, or creepos.
Countries: Any (I would love to write to someone from California or Florida, because I’d like to hear all about it)

Gender: Female

Age group: 23 – 30

Languages: English

Email, snail mail, or both: Both

Contact info (Email or Tumblr): tenaciousvintagedreamer.tumblr.com or Candice_26@hotmail.com


Name: Mulan

Age: 16

Country: Australia

Hello to the beautiful you who is ready this now!

^If that doesn’t sell it, I don’t know what will^

As I said, my name is Mulan (and no not like the movie, but like the Chinese Princess) and I am in search for someone that wants to talk through…


Hi! I’m Cecilia but you can call me Ceci <3. 

I’m 15 years old hehe.

I’m from Chile, in South America. 

I speak spanish fluently and english, not so fluently hahah, so if i make a mistake, please don’t laugh of me hahah. 


  • I like watching tv series and movies. My faves are: How I met your mother, Orange is the new black and Once upon a time. Now I’m watching American horror story and i love it.
  • I love people who loves what they do for life. They are my inspiration for my future(That i don’t know yet haha).
  • I LOVE playing music, it’s so relaxing and it’s like, my life. I play the guitar, I’m learning piano and I also sing haha. I have like a “band” but, we are just starting. It calls “medio perro” that means “half dog” and it’s so hard to explain why does it call in that way haha, but you choose me as your penpal i’ll explain you <3. (I’m the singer).
  • My favorite bands and artists are: The beatles, One direction, Ed sheeran, Taylor Swift, Paul MCcartney, Little mix. And some chilean bands and artists: Los Tres, Francisca Valenzuela, Los prisioneros, Tortuga anónima, Muertos mutantes (my brother’s band haha).
  • I also like drawing, and fashion design.


  • I hate homophofic and sexist people.
    I’m not gonna judge you if you say something that I’m not agree with haha. Everybody has their opinion and I would like to be respected as I respect the others, but i defend what i think is right. 
  • I hate school haha, and it’s not like that I’m lazy, it’s because I just feel without the mood to be there and the education in my country sucks, so I think, you may understand. 
  • I hate fights, i hate violence, i hate troubles, haha I just find it so stupid.

I would like a penpal who is between 14 and 17 years old, but i don’t really care about the age really. If you are able to talk with me and have some fun you are obviously welcome haha.

Instagram: @barquitosdepapel
snap: holaquetal-6
e mail: cecigaunap @ gmail .com 

thank u! 

PS: sorry for my english ):

My random fact: I have watch how i met your mother like 3 times, and I still laughing in the episodes, even when i know what’s gonna happen hahah and i know all the dialogues.