Looking for a pen pal


Hi, I’m Alex I’m 17, 18 this summer and I’m from Romania but I go to school in England.
Things I like: dancing, travelling, partying, challenges, sciences, beaches, summer, trying new things, dogs, foreign languages, people that make me laugh
Things I do not like: Judgemental people, boring stuff (strict routines), hot dogs, two faced people

Obviously I speak English fluently but Romanian is my first language and I also speak German (sort of) I would love to learn Spanish too!

I want someone I can write letters to but if either of us are too busy sometimes we could just email, but I’d really love to send letters and things from our own countries and countries we travel to. Hope to hear from you! Xxx

Email: herghelegiu.alexandra@yahoo.com


Hey everyone, call me Nemi
16 year old bisexual girl living in Illinois
Enjoys music [one OK rock, fall out boy, here comes the mummies, etc] and art. Likes superheroes, horror movies, mysteries, and trying new thing. Looking to make new friends. I’m a calm easygoing person who usually gets along with everyone. Sorry if I look like a grump in the pictures. When I smile my Asian side makes an appearance(Japanese)
Feel free to message me

tumblr: warugo

Hi ^-^


My name’s Gwenaelle, 17, french pansexual woman. I like to talk to new people and to learn new culture, new things. I love watching series (Vikings, Game of Thrones, Legion), watching anime (Snk,YoI,KnB..) and reading manga .

I listen all kind of music (Melanie Martinez, One Oke Rock, BTS, Twenty One Pilots). Can’t wait to talk to new people ! I can be shy at first because I’m bad at doing the first step but then I’m a funny person with who you can talk about everything ^-^

kik : Alweana

tumblr : alweana-blog


Emma/ Em

Location: United States (Idaho)

Age: 18

Email: emma.idaho @ gmail . com

I really enjoy drawing and playing the piano. I enjoy talking to nice people do to the fact that my social anxiety makes it hard to trust people. Usually if I get asked what kind of music I like I can talk for days, so that is a fantastic conversation starter with me.  I have just recently started getting into Harry Potter ( I’m a bit late to the game haha) , but reading is one of my favorite pastimes in general. That’s all I will say for now so I don’t take the fun out of getting to know someone.

I really dislike people who write one word replies when I write them a massive letter so if you’re like that you probably shouldn’t message me.

I’m looking for someone to be penpals with that will. Whether that be exchanging emails or cool parcels full of interesting gifts. Really anyone is free to message me but if you are between 17 and 24 that would be ideal. I love talking to everyone though so if my boring bio caught your eye feel free to hit me up.

Fun Fact: I use to be super into collecting snow globes and I have amassed a collection of over thirty of them.

Looking for friendships and more


I forgot if I did this already but in case I didn’t here goes. I’m a 19 year old trans girl. I love superheroes (marvel comics especially) and anime and video games. My favorite animal is a penguin. I’m really awkward but people seem to think I’m nice so who knows. Umm. I am living in New Jersey for the next little bit. Send me a message if you share my interests or just wanna talk. My tumblr is jenfairscribe. Yeah. That’s about it.