Friendship ?


I’m 19 years old. 
New Jersey, US

I’m looking for someone to become friends with on here. We can kik,text, message on tumble, or Skype maybe. Eventually we can send packages and stuff like that. Whatever your comfortable with! 

I enjoy watching tv,movies especially horror movies, read/write stuff like that. I do write poems but I’m not good at those so I keep them private most of the time lol. I like all kinds of music , whatever is on the radio and stuff like The front bottoms, brand new, bring me the horizon, neck deep, etc.. lol . I’d be up to talk to anyone who could suggest new stuff like music, books, authors, movies. That’d be great (: 

I’m interested in talking to anyone closer to my age so like 17-20 something. I don’t mind talking to any gender or sexuality I’m not judgemental at all. I do have a boyfriend though so please respect that and do not flirt or anything. I’m just looking for good friends and new people !

You can contact me and ask for my Kik or something on my tumble. my URL is :

Don’t be afraid to start a Conversation (:


Hey Guys/Gals, My girlfriend (right) and I (left) are looking for a penpal. 

We are both 20 and live in the middle of England. 

We are looking for some one to email/snail mail/send gifts to. Pretty much anything to spread a little joy. We would prefer someone aged 18+ but no limits other than that!

About us: We both work full time and I currently study too. We love animals, like absolutely adore them. We recently gained two netherland dwarf rabbits which are so cute! We both have tattoos and are looking for more but also trying to plan adventures and holidays! We go to ice hockey and womens football when it’s in season. 

We are limited to English and a tiny bit of French but I’m happy to try to learn more. 

Looking forward to this :) 

You can contact us via (  
I’ve been unactive recently though! 
( sharkiejess @ )



Hello everyone! I’ve never done this. But here goes.

My name is Carla, I’m 19 and I’m from Portugal.

I speak Portuguese and English

My tumblr is hopelesslyinneedtostudy, and my blog has an email – (I’ll give you my personal email in a private message)

I use my blog to keep me motivated to achieve my goals and dreams and to help people achieving theirs.

Books/Films/TV Shows/music I like:

Well, I am a huge fan of Harry Potter. Like bad obsession ahahah. 

But my favorite books are from Patrick Rothfuss (I worship him and the world he has created).

I like Disney movies, Pixar, and DreamWorks (when they work with cartoons) because the songs are great.

Also arrow, flash, super girl, Glee (OMG LOVE THAT SHOW SO BAD), teen wolf, young and hungry, grey’s anatomy, once upon a time, the fosters, modern family, game of thrones (also books), and I think that is it… thank god these shows aren’t on air all at the same time ahahaha. 

I like to read classics like Tolstoy, and Shakespeare, also love the great Gatsby. However, I also read the divergent series and twilight and the fault in our stars and the notebook and stuff. Love romances. 

Sucker for everything that marvel presents. Cuz superheroes. 

Other interests: 

I play the guitar and sing.

I can’t draw at all.

I LOVE SCIENCE. You see, I have just as bad obsession with HP as I have with science. My best friend is always bugging me because I’m good with math, and yes I’m one of those people who just randomly makes a math joke that no one gets and then laugh for half an hour at my own bad joke.

I think my obsession with science has something to do with spider man and radioactive spiders xD secretly I’m always praying that I screw something up and then get super powers ahahahah

What I would like in a Tumblr Buddy (age, location, language, gender):Anyone from anywhere, if you’re nice, funny and pretend to laugh at my jokes we cool.

Preferred method of contact: (Snail mail, email, Tumblr): I think I would prefer the internet as a connection right now, but DEFINETLY OPEN TO SNAIL MAIL (#exciting)

I’m so excited :3

See you soon ———-

Let’s be penpals~



I’m a twentysomething girl from Norway who’s currently looking for some penpals. I have slightly dorky hobbies like kpop and reading/watching manga/animes such as SNK and No.6. I adore to travel and to stare out of windows. I drink a lot of tea and usually write pretty long letters. I’m pretty passionate about football (not the American hand-egg one) and believe that one of the biggest treasures in life is a good book. 

I’m open-minded and loyal with a few sarcastic bones in my body. I’m bilingual (Norwegian and English), but I’m trying to teach myself Korean and Spanish. 

If any of that sounded interesting, feel free to send me a message over at


Name: Vikki

Age: 22

Location: United Kingdom

About me: I am a student currently studying a Masters degree in Photography and I am extremely interested in the beauty of the handwritten letter, the form and the idea of trying to visualise a perspective that isn’t your own. I want a pen-pal of any age and gender, who would like to send letters to one another simply getting to know each other!

I am a massive fan of literature and poetry, I love Charles Bukowski and Haruki Murakami. I work in a live music venue and have a massively varied taste. I am very open minded and always welcome with open arms, and would love to get to know peoples stories!