Hi, I’m Crys and I’m 30/female in Colorado. I am a burlesquie, and a bookworm. I am looking for a mail-based pen pal, but I am okay emailing. I go hiking a lot, own a dog walking business and I play the ukulele. I am looking into voice acting and I have a ton of interests. I like to say that my goal in life is to fail at everything. My email address is xstormypeaksx@gmail.com or you can follow me here and contact me that way.


Name: Erica

Age: 20 (almost 21)

Location: Illinois, USA

I am going to school to become an accountant, I know so exciting! haha. I had a pen pal a few years ago, but we never really stayed in contact, hopefully that’ll be different this time.

My interests include reading, writing, listening to music, watching tv and movies, and traveling. I am a great binge watcher on Netflix. Some of my favorite shows include Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf, Gilmore Girls, Grey’s Anatomy, and Gossip Girls I have two cats, one of them is a kitten I just got last month. I love rereading the Harry Potter series and watching the movies. 

Some of my favorite artist include All Time Low, FOB, George Strait, Elvis, and The Beatles. I have been to London once and can’t wait to go back. Or anywhere else for that matter. 

I would like a pen pal who is 18+. It would be incredible to have some from another country, and learn about their culture.  

The best place to reach me would be my email address: erilynn_luvs@hotmail.com .  Eventually, I would like to be able to write letters after we get to know each other better.


Hi! I’m Aaron, a 15 soon to be 16 year old from Sweden, so I speak Swedish and english.

 I’m genderfluid so please use they/them while talking about me!:3

I am also a panromantic asexual. 

I really like netflix, art, hiking, traveling, writing, anime, cosplay, books, journaling, space, plants, kittens, Harry Potter, Sherlock, all music except country and soo much more that you’ll probably get to know if we start exchanging letters :^)

I’m looking for a penpal to snail mail with!               

I would prefer someone between the ages of 14 and 17, I don’t care about gender, race, sexuality etc.      

Email me: ammedoo @ live.se         


Let’s be penpals! 

First name: Hannah 

Age: 20 (turning 21 in a couple months)

Location: Ca, USA 

Languages I speak: English only sorry 

Email/Tumblr: tumblr is Madzombiequeen.tumblr.com

Books/Films/TV Shows/music I like: I read a ton and lots of different kinds of books. I love John Green books, Nora Roberts, Jane Austen, I just started on Game of thrones.

 movies  I love lord of the rings (huge nerd over here), star wars, comedies, love the sappy chick flicks like sweet home Alabama, 10 things I hate about you, I also love action like the die hard movies, thor, the avengers, xmen etc. 

Tv shows I love orange is the new black, game of thrones, criminal minds, burn notice, law & order svu, chopped, America ninja warrior. 

Music: I’m ahuge country fan I love it, I listen to some idk I guess punk bands like sleeping with sirens, pierce the veil, bring methe horizon, but also bands like Queen and Led Zeppelin. I loke taylor swift, Maroon 5, stuff like that too. 

Other interests: I like to write, play music guitar but I suck, I sing, write music. I love horses and horse back riding. My dog, my little girl (: I love Disney and photography as well. I have a youtube channel with tons of videos. 

What I would like in a Tumblr Buddy (age, location, language, gender): 

buddy preference over 18 please, language English because that’s really all I can speak. Gender I don’t have a preference. 

Preferred method of contact: (Snail mail, email, Tumblr): snail mail please I’m dying to start sending out snail mail. Or tumblr (: 

looking for new penpals :)


Heyy Guys ! :) hope you all doing great :) 

i’m from Tunisia aged 28 my name is Salem and i’m looking for new penpals to exchange letters , stories , experiences in life , knwoledge , and i want to learn about snailmail arts , so please if somone is interested to all of this i would be happy to hear from you :) 

contact me on my Gmail :  chechnyagakayev@gmail.com 

feel free to contact me :)  waiting for you guys :) and you will know more about me :)