I am Gerald and I’m 19 years old. Born and raised in Africa particularly, Tanzania. I have been to Dubai, south Africa, UK, Kenya, Uganda,
and India. Currently I am in South Africa doing my undergrad studies. 

I play video games like a ten year old sometimes ( too much in other words). I love singing, I play the guitar, still a beginner but O my i feel like ed sheer-an already. I am funny, sarcastic and just love making others laugh. I like reading and mostly i write songs, poems and raps when i got nothing to do ( wanna hear one of my poems? ahem “ she has blue colored eyes like a sapphire…., I’ll save it for another day) I like long walks at the beach, maybe is because i practically reside near one. I so love the piano,its a shame i never got to try it out.I love the sound it produces. I am a music lover (my ever faithful girlfriend), and lucky me i got to grow up movie watching.. comedies and horror are amazing..though the normal once are okay to. tell me a song and I am like an open modern and past juke box. I play soccer more of a left winger.

So I am looking for a long term friendship relationship. Not those which last for like 2 days :(

For snail mail…It will take sometime since I actually do not own a mail box yet in South Africa. And race, gender and age does not matter :)

if you read this all and your still interested you know what to do..
do not be a stranger



Name: Stevie
Age: 17; birthday is September 5th
Gender: female and agender, pronouns are she/her
Language(s): English
Location: Canada
Interests & hobbies: I love learning about history. I’m going to university for it next year. I’m a practitioner of witchcraft. I love reading and writing. My favorite author is Sarah J Maas, and I’m working on a fantasy novel of my own. Currently reading Shadow & Bone. Rainy days are the best days, and I love autumn. Tea is my life. I love cooking and taking care of people when they’re sick. Please note I am mentally ill. I’m also LGBTQ+. 
Likes: Pie, cherries, music, birds, Crywank (the worst named band in the world), camping, nature, plants, cherry cola, milkshakes
Dislikes: Ignorance, discrimination, cauliflower, ham loaf, sand
What I wish for in a pen pal: Someone’s who’s kind and easy to talk to and won’t judge me. Someone with a wanderlust and a yearn for knowledge like my own.
How to contact me: Either on my tumblr, xcherryluv, or at I’ll be accepting messages for a month (until June 30th).


First name: Maie

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Location: Canada 

Languages I speak: English, French, Arabic y un poco de espanol 

Films/Documentaries: Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Girl on a Bicycle, The Punk Singer, The Other F Word,  Foo Fighters: Back and Forth, Moonrise Kingdom, Inside Out

TV Shows: Jane the Virgin, Once Upon a Time, Scrubs, Psych, Chuck, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Misfits, Heroes, Gilmore Girls

Music: I like rock music and a lot of sub genres of rock that I’m too lazy to name. My favourite band is Foo Fighters.

Other interests/hobbies: I love to read, write, sing, act, and pretend like I still remember how to play guitar.


Age: 18+

Language: English, French or Spanish

Preferred method of contact: Email :

KakaoTalk: dweebywriter 


Hi! My name is Nikita. I’m 18 and I am looking for more pen pals!
Interests: makeup, stationary, healing, yoga, zen, spiritual, anything to do with hair, cooking, singing, reading,drawing.
Dislikes: homophobic people, racists, ignorant people.
If you would like to be my pen pal and get to know more about me contact me :)
Snapchat- nikitaw1107
Email- nik-l @


-Hi Im Gabi, I’m a 21 yr old from Texas.
-I love: animals, writing, movies, traveling ,tv shows ,music, comics ,concerts ,games, some anime’s, wigs, arts &crafts and more …
-I doodle a lot and i love to write, not that my handwriting is great but i like the old fashion write things on paper style.
-What i’m mostly looking for is snail mail friend, someone i can write letters to and send things here and there. Though I do accept emails, I don’t prefer them cause sometimes i forget to check everyday. I do check weekly so if that’s something you’d like i wouldn’t mind that at all. Also, if you’d like to be friends over other social media sites that would be cool.
-I just want to meet new people and make friends all around the world and learn everyone’s perspective, life and culture! (and possibly even visit you☺️ )
-Any questions or if interested message me, my tumblr is and email is garcia_gabii @ (If emailing please add subject)