Hiya hope to make some pen pals and friends (:


Name: Adelia
Location: United States
Interests & hobbies:cooking/baking, playing the piano, writing poetry
Likes:animals, reading/writing, Greys Anatomy, Supernatural, Dr Who, Sherlock, The Office, anime, I absolutely love puns and vines so if you know any puns please text me them to me 😂
Dislikes: rudeness, homophobic people, just really hurtful people I don’t need any more negativity in my life and I’m sure I dislike more things I just can’t really think of anymore right now.
What I wish for in a pen pal:someone who can keep the conversation going even if that means switching to a complete different topic, and someone who is able to talk often and is nice and understanding
How to contact me: my tumblr (@ourloveisgod87) or my Instagram (@adelia_kay_18)

I’m pretty open to whatever new things


Hey guys this is salma I’m 18 ys and I live in Egypt. I’m fluent in English frensh and arabic. I’m a part of so many fandoms that I don’t know where to start. I love writing, taking pictures of people/nature/places, drawing, dancing and practicing spiritual stuff like meditation/yoga. I’m obsessed with movies(especially the 80’s)/series(a big Friends fan*I memorized every line*)/animation and books. I’ve been watching manga animes series since I was 4 but I recently started reading it so if you’re an anime faan and you could introduce me to your favourite mangas that would be awesoome. I watch too much YouTube (David dobrick/lisa koshy/markiplier/the anime man..etc..) I love video games. I watched several indian/korean series and it was pretty cool. I love different cultures and backgrounds and would like to visit aloot of places but right now the top places on my list are japan and india. I’m a pretty open person and I love having fun and being active. My music preferences are (Lana del Rey/cigarettes after sex/halsey/alina baraz/old 2000’s/arctic monkeys/foster the people/coldplay/macklemore/melanie martinez/shakira/Katy perry/kesha/rihanna/pink/the 1975/21 pilots/the killers/AC DC/nirvana/tove lo/LP/indian/kpop/paramore/echosmith..etc..) if you’re 18+ that would be good but 15/17 are cool too. Ig/tumblr/twitter: @salmaelemary


Hey guys I’m jasmine and I’m 18. 

Hand written notes mean a lot to me so I’d love to do snail mail. 

I’m open to talking via email or Skype at first if that’s more comfortable for most people. 

  • I love art and it’s apart of my everyday life due to work. 

I’d prefer my pen pals to be 17+ but gender and location aren’t important. I just bought a bunch of stationary and I’m pretty excited. 

If anyone is interested feel free to email me at bandgeek1207 @ gmail. com

Looking for LA friends!


Hey everyone! I’m Lisa, 18, and from Germany. I‘m just about to graduate and I’m planning to travel the world afterwards. Now, traveling only is as cool as the people you meet so I’d love to get to know some lovely souls I could build a friendship with. And then maybe meet up (or even stay a couple of nights at your place)!
Because I can’t afford to travel all around the US, I decided to focus on the *LA area*. So if there’s anyone out there who would like to get to know me, just shoot me an email! I will bring jokes, stories from Europe and you’ll be welcome in my house at any time too 🙂

My email would be lillkatzino@web.de but my username is lillkatzino on literally any social media, so you‘ll find me!


Hi! My name is Alexis, or Lexi for short. I’m 19 years old and I am from a small town in Florida. I recently just moved to Michigan to be closer to my boyfriend of a year, Zachary. I currently work at a small movie theater downtown. My hobbies include reading and journaling. I love TV shows, and I’m a big animal lover. I have 1 chihuahua named Athena, and two cats. My favorite colors are pink and blue. I’m a huge nerd. I love Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and Star Wars.
I’m looking for a creative, fun and friendly pen pal that is preferably 18+ I would love international pen pals, and US pen pals. I’ll leave my email so you can contact me and we can work out a pen pal agreement. Thank you, I hope to hear from you!
email : perkins.alexis1@yahoo.com