Looking for a Pen Pal


Hi! I’m Brynn, a 20 year old college student from the US who would love to get a few snail mail pen pals! I study physics and music and some of my interests include bullet journaling, embroidery, reading, and playing music. I am looking for a more long-term friendship via the post! If you’re interested, send me an email!



Hi! My name is Gracie, and I live in the GA (US) coast with me husband. I’m 27 (going on 28 in September).

I have a large variety of interests – such as books, musical theatre, art, musicals, animation, and history. I collect pop figures and love thrifting and flea markets. Overall, there’s very little I don’t like talking about.

I love doing snail mail and small packages, but it’s hard to get any of my friends interested in sending them. So looking to find some letter friends !

You can find me on tumblr under stagetrinity.tumblr.com/
or through my email at gracienettles @ ymail. com 


Name:  Katrina (or Kat) 

Location: USA (I live back and forth between Wisconsin and Idaho) 

Age: 25 

Gender: Female 

Contact Info: 
(XxkikisapphireluvxX @ gmail . com)
here on tumblr (berry-sweet-ey.tumblr.com/


  • cats 
  • reading 
  • makeup 
  • flowers 
  • photography 
  • poetry 
  • youtube (I’m a huge fan of Shane Dawson & Jenna Marbles) 
  • fashion 
  • movies (Favorites: Black Swan, The Hours, The Mummy, Jurassic Park) 
  • weeabo at heart
  • Music: The civil wars, marina and the diamonds, adele, etta james, ella fitzgerald, etc.

Fun fact:

  • I have tons of freckles all over my body. I even have freckles formed on my back thats the shape of the big dipper. 

What I’m looking for/requirements: 

  • I don’t mind making friends in the US, but I would like to be able to snail mail with someone that’s not living in the US. 
  • I welcome all sexes that exist to get into contact with me <3
  • I’m mainly looking for people that are between the ages of 23-30



Stef here, with my pup Holly. I met one of my closest friends posting a picture of us on this site so here it goes 2.0! 

I am 27, live in TX, at this time, snail mail ice cubes will not suffice, please expedite them for it is reaching over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, many thanks! (insert laughter at my own joke here)

I adore running and reading, a forever struggle to move around all day or sit on my butt staring at paper, I find running to the library helps! I keep all my pen pal letters in a scrap book, so the deal is you write to me, you bet your sweet cheeks you can visit me as an old person and eat cake with your dentures chilling next to my dentures laughing about all the fuss in our youth.

Let’s get this show on the road and be buddies, okay, cool, because seriously, I need ice cubes. I mentioned this, but again, okay, bye. *awkward out of sync fist bump that turns to a punch in the air and kills gnat by accident*

stefrmeade @ gmail. com


Snail mail pen pal

Name: Neusha

Age: 22

Location: Montreal, Canada

Well hello there! Just your average bilingual (French and English) Montreal-er looking to exchange letters and possibly gifts and/or little trinkets with new friends. 

I’m a university student majoring in Music Composition. Harmonies, melodies, counterpoint … those things come easy to me. Words… not so much. It takes me less than 10 minutes to write the accompaniment and melody to a song, but can take days to write the lyrics. I have also rewritten this submission many times and I still struggle to sound not too “applying for a job” but also not too “awkward Canadian trying to be more personable and ends up being super corny”. It is a struggle … but once I know who specifically I am addressing, things flow easier. Hopefully.

If you have any tips, please do share.

My interests include: music, art, theatre, politics, arguing the language discrepancy in Montreal, looking up words like discrepancy to enrich my english-ness (it being my third language), comedy, travel, film and game theories, dairy foods despite being lactose intolerant, etc. I also work in the tourism sector of Montreal, so if there’s anyone who can talk about this city and the countless facts about the Olympic Stadium and the Montreal 1976 Olympic games… well that would be me. I know, hard to resist such knowledge.

Though I do enjoy online friends, I cannot maintain a conversation online as I get over 50 emails and facebook messages a day. I am not that popular, I just have many jobs that require me to be active online. I would therefore need a snail mail pen pal.

So I will leave you to it! I hope you are not too confused by the incoherent structure of this submission.

Send me a message through my tumblr @picturesinmanyforms

or email me neusha.tah @ gmail.com

Live long and prosper (:

Here’s a pic of me at a cat cafe. The cat was licking my hand … this is the face of pure joy.